The unprecedented flood of data in the 21st century has the power to transform our world—but only if we can make sense of the deluge. 

The Data Science Institute (DSI) at the University of Virginia stands at the forefront of the field of data science by educating data scientists, undertaking leading-edge research and collaborating with private and government sectors as part of a virtuous cycle to take us into a better, brighter future.

Founded in 2013 to address the challenges of Big Data, the DSI prepares students and researchers as part of a data-driven society. Here’s how: 

  • The DSI pairs the power of open research with a graduate degree—the Master of Science in Data Science program—and offers dual degrees with the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the Darden School of Business, as well as affiliated programs with other schools and departments. Students are empowered through the project-based learning to immediately apply what they learn to real-world problems.
  • The DSI champions interdisciplinary learning, drawing from many fields to address far-ranging challenges.
  • The DSI promotes integrity in the pursuit of data science: The world needs ethical data scientists, and the DSI is training them.
  • The DSI leads dynamic research efforts to harness data, resulting in radical approaches to scholarship and industry engagement


The mission of the Data Science Institute is to achieve excellence in data-driven research and education through solving important problems and providing the workforce of tomorrow. 

We are an institute that crosses disciplines, departments, schools and colleges to leverage UVA’s combined capabilities in data science. We create meaningful public/private partnerships and foster innovation.

“Society’s most pressing challenges and nature’s deepest mysteries frequently involve large, complex systems. The behavior of these systems is best understood by handling large amounts of data—thus the term ‘Big Data.’ To solve our most pressing challenges, we need to develop new ways to acquire, analyze and make sense out of Big Data.”  — Teresa Sullivan, President, University of Virginia