Society’s most pressing challenges and nature’s deepest mysteries frequently involve large, complex systems. The behavior of these systems is best understood by handling large amounts of data — thus the term “big data.”  To solve our most pressing challenges, we need to develop new ways to acquire, analyze, and make sense out of big data. 
- Teresa Sullivan, President, University of Virginia

The Data Science Institute is an institute for large scale, complex data analysis. It is a unique confluence of computation, science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, commerce, social science, humanities, law, & more.


  • To achieve recognized excellence in research and education in the interdisciplinary field of data science. 
  • Our competitive advantage: An institute that crosses disciplines, departments, schools and colleges to leverage UVA’s combined capabilities in data science.

Don Brown, director of the Data Science Institute, said the organization is unique in its interdisciplinary approach, which will facilitate not only science and technology research, but data-based scholarship in the humanities.