Welcome to the Data Science Institute

Society’s most pressing challenges and nature’s deepest mysteries frequently involve large, complex systems. The behavior of these systems is best understood by handling large amounts of data — thus the term “big data.”  To solve our most pressing challenges, we need to develop new ways to acquire, analyze, and make sense out of big data.  – Teresa Sullivan, President, University of Virginia

Academic Vision

Our vision is to prepare the next generation of leaders to address the broadly identified interdisciplinary challenge of data science. Our programs for doing this necessarily lie outside the existing traditional curricular structure, but we believe they will be the blueprint for the future in which data science will play an ever-increasing role in science and engineering research. 

Research Challenges

The faculty of the Institute represent a truly broad, interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, humanists, and educators all of whom have identified data science as critical to their research. 


Please note that the talk by Steve Tadlis, chief economist of eBay that was scheduled for December 12 at 3:30pm has been canceled and will be rescheduled for early spring semester 2015. Thank you for attending our DSI Distinguished Lecture Series events and we look forward to seeing you at the events in 2015! Happy Holidays!


November 20, 2014
Auditorium of the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
February 10, 2015
Clark Hall, Science Library, Room 133