What is Data Science?

Big Data ImageThree major transformations are impacting almost all of society:

  1. The continued, unabated acquisition of unprecedented amounts and types of data;
  2. The development and deployment of all the components of an integrated, scalable, and sustainable cyberinfrastructure; and
  3. The emergence of powerful mathematical and statistical modeling frameworks that in combination with the cyberinfrastructure can effectively use the acquired data.

The field of data science has emerged to address these transformational events. As such, data science builds from the empirical methods and techniques of many disciplines in science, engineering, business, health, the humanities and more to develop understanding from the new data-intensive environments. At the University of Virginia our vision is to prepare the next generation of leaders to address the broadly identified interdisciplinary challenge of data science. Our programs for doing this necessarily lie outside the existing traditional curricular structure, but we believe they will be the blueprint for the future in which data science will play an ever-increasing role in science and engineering research.