Associate Professor & Murray Research Professor
Associate Director, SHANTI
(434) 982-1029
Research Interests: Semantically enhanced asset management, data modeling, programming
Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Media Studies
Assistant Professor, Systems and Information Engineering
Research Interests: Machine learning, Anomaly / Event detection, Medical informatics, Robotics
Lecturer, Computer Science
(434) 982-2213
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Security, Biometrics, Computer Science Education
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Research Interests: Physical Modeling of Microarray Hybridization; Analysis of Genomic Tiling Array Data; Bioinformatics; Computational Biology; Regulatory Networks
Associate Professor, Systems and Information Engineering
Research Interests: Multi-instance learning, Inverse reinforcement learning, optimization theory and practice, coordination of distributed decision making, decision modeling in consumer lending and retail credit.
Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine; Associate Director, Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life
(434) 243-7340
Research Interests: Public health law, bioethics, medical ethics, ethics
Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Research Interests: Development of aggressive behavior, school-based prevention, bullying and school climate
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and NB Sciences
Director and W.S. Calcott Professor of Systems Engineering
Research Interests: data mining data fusion predictive modeling response surface methods agent based simulation
Assistant Professor of Education and Public Policy
PhD, Associate Professor, PHS & CPHG, statistical genetics
PhD, Assistant Professor, BME & CPHG, systems genetics
Director of Research Data Services at the University of Virginia Library
(434) 924-3282
Professor, Department of Computer Science
PhD, Assistant Professor, PHS & CPHG, systems genetics
Landmark Communications Professor of Business Administration
Research Interests: Marketing productivity and measurement, Advertising and Promotion, Brand Management, Consumer Marketing, Distribution Strategy
Director of the Insight Lab; Lecturer in Architecture
Research Interests: Informatics: Computing technology applied to wicked problems
Assistant Professor Department of Systems and Information Engineering
Lecturer, Systems and Information Engineering
Research Interests: Predictive clinical modeling, physiological modeling, signal processing
Research Assistant Professor, Systems and Information Engineering
(434) 924-5397
Research Interests: Natural language processing, crime prediction, medical informatics
Assistant Professor Department of Systems and Information Engineering
(434) 924-4912
Research Associate Professor, Systems and Information Engineering
Research Interests: The design of decision support systems, Cognitive systems engineering, Human-computer interaction and data visualization
Associate Director for Health Data
Research Interests: Clinical decision support; Clinical process monitoring; Time sequence analysis in medicine; Clinical user interface design; Modeling health-related data and documents; Healthcare data mining; Collaboration support.
Professor, Associate Provost
(434) 924-7770
Research Interests: Crystal growth of III-V semiconductors; design and fabrication of electronic and optoelectronics devices
Professor of Statistics
Associate Professor of Computer Science
(434) 982-2258
Research Interests: Cloud computing, virtualization, eScience (e.g., for cancer research, environmental research such as fluxdata.org)
Commonwealth Professor, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology
Professor of Applied Ethics and Affiliated Professor, Batten School
Professor, Department of Statistics
Director, University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology
Associate Professor, Medicine: Cardiovascular Medicine
(434) 982-2150
Professor of Policy Informatics, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Research Interests: Large-scale computational modeling complex systems agent-based modeling environmental systems modeling supply chain modeling urban development  
Professor of Politics, J. Wilson Newman Professor of Governance, Professor of Public Policy
(434) 243-1574
Research Interests: International political economy, international immigration, capital flows, financial crises and exchange rate arrangements
Assistant Professor, PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin
Associate Professor, PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin
(434) 924-8240
Research Assistant Professor, Curry School of Education
Professor, Medicine- Cardiovascular Medicine
Associate Professor,Departments of Economics and Computer Science
Senior Associate Dean; Professor of Commerce; Ralph A. Beeton Professor of Free Enterprise
Research Interests: Marketing, Survey research methods, Consumer behavior, Measurement and metrics, Public policy and social issues
Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences and Orthopaedic Surgery
Research Interests: Quality data and reporting, performance improvement, program evaluation, project management, integration of research methods, outcomes analysis
Professor and Interim Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Research Interests: Glutathione S-Transferases; Protein Evolution; Computational Biology
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Medical Informatics
PhD, Assistant Professor, PHS&CPHG, sequencing and algorithms
PhD, Professor, PHS & CPHG, population genetics, sequence analysis
Associate Professor, Associate Director, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
(434) 924-0858
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: I use computational and experimental tools to study high-throughput cancer epigenomic data
Associate Professor, Computer Science, Systems & Information Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering
(434) 924-8271
Research Interests: Shen's research interests include Cloud computing and datacenters, Big data, Cyber-physical systems, Distributed systems, Mobile computing, High performance computing, and Social networks.
Professor and Department Chair, Computer Science
(434) 982-2200
Research Interests: Computer architecture, multi-core and multi-threaded chip architectures, CPU/GPU convergence, novel processor organizations
Professor and Chair Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, Department of Statistics
(434) 924-3269
Research Interests: High-dimensional inference, functional data analysis, shrinkage estimation and dimension reduction.
Associate Professor and Endowed Faculty Fellow of Computer Science
(434) 982-2206
Research Interests: Software systems engineering: ultra-large-scale (ULS) systems, software architecture, modularity in design, software evolution, software economics.
Lecturer, Statistics
(434) 982-2150
Research Interests: Social Network Modelling, in particular models for dynamic networks and for event networks Survey Research, in particular Network Sampling and methods for estimation in Multiple Frame Surveys, Pattern Recognition, particularly Multiple Classifier Systems (or "Classifier Ensembles")
University Professor of Economics & Education
Chair & Robertson Professor in Media Studies
Associate Director for Data Infrastructure and Services and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bank of America Research Professor of Business Administration
Research Interests: Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Metrics, Marketing Analytics
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Research Interests: Data mining, information retrieval, and machine learning, with a particular focus on computational user behavior modeling and decision optimization
Research Scientist, Department of Computer Science
Professor of Computer Science Associate Director, Applied Research Institute
(434) 982-2201
Research Interests: Computer networks, network protocols, telemedicine, electronic commerce, medical data privacy and security, crowdsourcing
Associate Professor, Department of Politics
Curry Memorial Professor of Education and Policy, Director of the Center for Education Policy and Workforce Competitiveness
Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences