The Data Science Institute (DSI) at the University of Virginia applies the principles of sound data science to the modern flood of information, training students and enabling researchers to solve real-world problems in collaboration with government and private sectors.

Our Master of Science in Data Science students take on capstone projects during their 11-month program, uniting with corporate sponsors, government partners or academia to dive into practical problems and surface with data-driven insights and solutions.  

The DSI helps researchers in a broad range of disciplines come together to address questions that no single discipline can solve on its own.

Together, we can model the future. 


As the University of Virginia’s first and only independent, degree-granting institute, the DSI exists outside of any one school or department. Rather, the DSI brings schools and their departments together to provide a unique interdisciplinary perspective with data analysis at its core. As such, it mirrors much of what will drive society in the 21st century.

Importantly, with that approach, the DSI provides a modern view of University founder Thomas Jefferson’s ambition for an academical village rooted in the free and public exchange of diverse ideas. 

We are, by nature and necessity, interdisciplinary. Data science is the foundation that supports the success of all other fields of inquiry.

As we lean into the challenge of a data-rich world, the DSI invites students, researchers, professionals and citizens into the data science community, integrating ideas from a vast range of fields and industries to fashion a brighter future for us all. 


The DSI is committed to integrity in the scientific pursuit.

Integrity in data science requires the full consideration of the legal, ethical and societal issues of our data-driven enterprise. Ethical data science practices are rooted in the curriculum of our Master of Science in Data Science program.


As data scientists, transparency requires that much of our work and research is open and freely available to all.

We train scientists to be open and honest regarding the scientific process, thereby maximizing the reproducibility of all we do. 

In short, the DSI abides by FAIR principles: the ability to find what we have done, access it, integrate it with other data and approaches, and reuse it.


The DSI fosters data science for the common good. 

We develop and train some of the most useful and desirable 21st-century thinkers. The research that we support helps solve some of the biggest and most daunting problems that confront societies—both at home and around the globe. 

The DSI makes sense of the flood of data and produces action-oriented solutions. Explore our work.