Center for Automata Processing

The University of Virginia and Micron Technology, Inc., founded the Center for Automata Processing to create an ecosystem around a new computing technology. 

Micron’s Automata Processor, the first hardware implementation of automata computing, is poised to dramatically accelerate solutions to certain Big Data problems. The Center is a virtual collaboration of universities, companies and government agencies initiated at the University of Virginia that leverages the expertise of academic and industrial researchers to advance the field of automata computing. 

The Center’s objectives are to develop innovative technologies and applications that address industry, government and societal needs and to train future data scientists and engineers in this groundbreaking approach to computing.

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Center for Big Data Ethics, Law, and Policy

Who, if anyone, owns data? Are there limits to how data can be used? Are there value biases built into certain analytics? Are there categories that should never be used in analyzing personal data? Should some data be publicly available to all researchers?

Ethical, legal and policy issues are at the heart of big data research. Discussion and resolution of these issues (and many more) will powerfully shape the development of the tools, techniques, knowledge and application of data science. 

The broad mission of the Center for Data Ethics, Law, and Policy is to develop an understanding of, and perspectives on, ethical, legal and policy issues and to identify strategies and policies to address these issues. 

The Center has a local, national and international focus. Locally, it brings UVA faculty and graduate students together to work with faculty who are engaged in research at the Data Science Institute. Nationally and internationally, the mission involves a range of activities, including publishing research and hosting workshops and conferences.

Activities of the Center include:

  • Holding annual conferences, workshops and events
  • Sponsoring collaborative research and study projects
  • Seeking external support for research
  • Contributing to the pedagogical mission of the Data Science Institute
  • Developing and promulgating policy recommendations

Center for the Study of Data and Knowledge

The Center for the Study of Data and Knowledge is a Data Science Institute Center of Excellence devoted to investigating data science as a new form of knowledge.

We support data-driven research in the humanities and interpretive social sciences as well as investigations into the history, philosophy and social impacts of data science, broadly conceived. In pursuit of this mission, we sponsor talks, seminars, grant funding requests and other opportunities for collaborative research.

Our goal is to build a cross-disciplinary intellectual platform to frame and evaluate the complex epistemological issues that arise from the deepening relationship between data technologies and knowledge production as these continue to develop within society.

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