Associate Director for Research Development

The Data Science Institute (DSI) of the University of Virginia (UVA) is seeking an Associate Director for Research Development to lead the development of a nationally and internationally recognized research program in data science. The DSI is already recognized for its innovative Masters in Data Science (MSDS) program operated within the first pan-University institute at UVA. This position reports directly to DSI Director, Philip E. Bourne, PhD, who recently joined the DSI to lead a major expansion of activities as UVA celebrates its bicentennial. 

The DSI is on a path of rapid growth with the development of an online version of the MSDS, certificate programs and joint degrees. It is also expanding its research activities through the hiring of an innovative and energetic team of faculty who will lead PhD programs and research initiatives in collaboration with the eleven UVA schools spanning all areas of academic endeavor. Faculty are both tenured and non-tenured, and have both 100% DSI appointments and partial appointments with the DSI and UVA schools. 

The successful candidate will play a major role in developing the overall research direction of the DSI and oversee the portfolio of research funding and non-sponsored investments in research. S/he will work with faculty on identification of funding opportunities, proposal development, and vision and strategic research priorities. This position will join the ResearchNET group at UVA, a central team of research development professionals from various schools working jointly and collaboratively across Grounds on major interdisciplinary areas. Strategic focus of this position will include developing the needed research infrastructure, including an Open Data Lab and a variety of research programs including, but not limited to: 

  • Machine Learning and Analytics 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Data Integration and Engineering 
  • Data Acquisition and Dissemination 
  • Data Ethics, Law, Policy and Social Implications 

An ideal candidate would be experienced and comfortable working in a highly interdisciplinary research setting. The DSI research emphasis is on applying data science techniques to a broad range of societal issues with the goal of translating research into action. As such, interaction with the private and government sectors is a key part of the DSI research enterprise. 

The successful candidate will have experience in building a research enterprise. They may or may not have their own funded research program and may be expected to teach (as time allows) in the DSI's expanding education program. 

Applicants will be evaluated on: 

  • Demonstrated ability to build and lead one or more research programs 
  • Demonstrated ability to help write grants and contracts and to manage successful applications 
  • Demonstrated grasp of data science as a distinctive interdisciplinary field 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with the private sector on collaborative research initiatives 
  • Domain expertise in a field with connections to data science 

Compensation commensurate with experience.