An Introduction to Umetrics@Iris with Three Examples. Guest Speaker: Jason Owen-Smith

March 24, 2016 |
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Brown Science and Engineering LIbrary Electronic Classroom Room 133

2016 Spring Speaker Jason Owen-Smith, Professor, University of Michigan

This presentation describes the context for, structure of and some initial findings from the UMETRICS (Universities: Measuring the Impacts of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Science) initiative. This talk will describe the ways in which the new data can be used to capture network interactions over time, as well as measure research team structures, placement outcomes and entrepreneurial activity. He will conclude by describing the establishment of the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) at the University of Michigan ( The data being taken by IRIS is being integrated with large scale data sets on the career dynamics of individuals and the economic outcomes of university vendors and  subcontractors as well as information  on scientific productivity.  IRIS opens new possibilities for the use of computational techniques to examine the structure, dynamics, and outcomes of academic research work.

Jason Owen-Smith is a sociologist who examines how science, commerce, ad the law cohere and conflict in contemporary societies and economies.  Together with collaborators, Jason works on projects that examine the dynamics of high-technology industries, the public value of the research university, and the network organization of surgical care. He seeks to understand how organizations, institutions, ad networks can maintain the status quo while generating novelty through social transformations, scientific discoveries, and technological breakthroughs.  Findings from this research have been published in outlets including Administrative Science Quarterly, the American Journal of Sociology, the American Sociological Review, Cell, Cell Stem Cell, Higher Education, Management Science, Medical Care, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, Organization Science, Research Policy, Science,and Social Studies of Science.

Professor Owen-Smith is Director of the Barger  Leadership Institute and Executive Director of the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS).

He is the Barger Leadership Institute Professor of Organizational Studies, Professor of Sociology ad Research Professor in the Institute for Social Research (ISR) Survey Research Center (SRC) at the University of Michigan.