Big Data panelists

DSI Centers of Excellence Panel

Mircea Stan, Associate Director
Deborah Johnson, co-Director
Center for Scalable Learning and Analytics
Matthew Gerber, Director
Gerard Learmonth, Director
Rafael Alvarado, co-Director
Paul Humphreys, co-Director

Data Research Across Grounds: Highlights


School of Engineering and Applied Science
Assistant Professor of Systems and Information Engineering
"College Health Surveillance Network: The Power of Multi-Site Electronic Health Data"
Jamie DeCoster, Senior Scientist 
Erik Ruzek, Research Scientist
Curry School of Education
"Does Big Data Answer Big Educational Questions? A Study of the Entire Cohort of Children Entering Virginia's Kindergarten Classrooms in 2005."
Darden School of Business
Associate Professor of Business Administration
"Introducing the R package trimTrees"
School of Law
Associate Professor of Law
"Bringing Quantitative Text Analysis to the Law"
School of Architecture
Assistant Professor
"Measuring Walkability and the Built Environment with Wearable Sensors"
McIntire School of Commerce
Ralph A. Beeton Professor of Free Enterprise; Area Coordinator--Marketing
"Business Analytics at McIntire: Faculty and Curriculum"
College of Arts and Sciences
NEH Daniels Family Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of English
"The Dark Matter of Eighteenth-Century English Poetry: Using Image-Recognition Technology to Extract Poetic Content from Newspapers"
School of Medicine
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
"Biomedical Big Data for Predictive Computational Models"
Colleen Sanders
School of Nursing
Doctoral Candidate
"Using Data Science to Explore Violence Against Women"
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics
"Information as public policy: Evidence from supermarket scanner data"

Data in Industry Panel


Jason Dalton
Andrew Fast
Chief Scientist
Aaron Mackey
Senior Director of Computational Biology


UVA Computing Infracture Highlights: Rivanna & Ivy


UVA Library
Associate Director of Data Infrastructure and Services
Data Science Institute
Associate Professor and Director of Biomedical Informatics
Department of Public Health Sciences
Associate Director for Health Data
Data Science Institute
Computational Research Consultant
Associate Director for Knowledge Integration, Research and Technology

Presidential Fellows in Data Science

With support from the Office of the President, the Data Science Institute joined with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs to offer fellowships for interdisciplinary teams of graduate students to undertake collaborative research projects that leverage large data sets to advance knowledge in areas of high social impact.

“Your Brain on Social Support: Using multi-agent modeling to understand functional neural networks”
Marlen Gonzalez
Psychology, advisor: Zongli Lin
Shize Su
Electrical and Computer Engineering, advisor: Tingting Zang
Qiannan Yin
Statistics, advisor: James A. Coan
“A Data Driven Approach for Uncovering Patterned Life Cycles of Ideas and Methods within the Sciences”
Claire Maiers
Sociology, advisor: Sarah McNeil Corse
Nicholas Napoli
Systems and Information Engineering, advisor: Laura Barnes
“Exploring the Effects of Violence Against Women on Health Care Utilization and Academic Performance”
Xiaoqian Liu
Systems and Information Engeineering, advisor: Don Brown
Colleen Sanders
Nursing, advisor: Kathryn Laughon
“Violent Beliefs, Violent People?”
Alex Pape
Systems and Information Engineering, advisor: Matthew Gerber
Emily Thomas
“Data, Climate Change, and Argument”
James Ascher
English, advisor: Brad Pasanek
Bommae Kim
Psychology, advisor: Timo von Oertzen
“Can Personal Communication Tell Us About Suicide Risk?”
Jeff Glenn
Psychology, advisor: Bethany Ann Teachman
Alicia Nobles
Systems and Information Engineering, advisor: Laura Barnes
“Data-Driven Design of Movement and Sound”
Lin Bai
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jon Bellona
Music, advisor: Luke Dahl