Exhibitor Contact
"Big-Data Movement in a Research and Education Network"
Center for Automata Processing
Center for Big Data Ethics, Law and Policy Deborah Johnson
Center for Economic and Policy Studies Bill Shobe
Center for Large-Scale Computational Modeling Gerard Learmonth
Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming
Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems James H. Lambert
Center for Scalable Learning and Analytics Matthew Gerber
Center for Survey Research Tom Guterbock
Center for the Study of Data and Knowledge
Center for Transportation Studies
Curry School of Education Catherine Bradshaw
"Data-Driven Strategies for the Condition Assessment and
Health Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructure"
Data Science Institute
Demographics Research Group Shonel Sen
Division of Biomedical Informatics Jim Harrison
Engineering and Society Deborah Johnson
Facilities Management
Genesis II GFFS, The Global Federated File System Andrew Grimshaw
"Human-Machine Learning Systems"
"Human Microbiome" Martin Wu
"Improving Long-Term Financial Soundness by Identifying Causes
of Home Abandonment in Mexico"
Sue He
Insight Lab Eric Field
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH)
Interactive Advertising Bureau Michael Theodore
Information Security, Policy, and Records Office (ISPRO) Kathy Kimball
Leidos Digital Edge Platform
"Manufacturing Multifunctional Materials in Extreme Environments"
Quantitative Collaborative
Research Data Services Michele Claibourn
Scholarly Repository Services, University of Virginia Library
Scholars' Lab/Digital Humanities and Arts
School of Medicine IT Jonathon Neel
School of Continuing and Professional Studies Pete Wynne
Social Networks and Archival Context: People and Cultural Heritage Daniel Pitti
University of VA Advanced Computing Services and Engagement (UVACSE)